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Hilton Pearl River – NY
February 8, 2008, 12:44 am
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The Pearl River Hilton seems to be in a part of NY/NJ that really has no other hotels around. So thier rates can be as high as they want them to be.

We stayed here for 2 nights for a family wedding, and had a block of about 20 rooms. The regular rate for the Thurs/Friday we were staying was $189/night. Our wedding rate was a bit lower.

When you enter the hotel, you are immediately impressed by the lobby. I suspect in any season other than the winter the grounds would be green and lush and impressive as well. The website makes it seem like an extremely fancy and nice hotel.

Now, when a room costs close to $200/night, outside of Manhattan and in an area that doesn’t seem to really have much of a draw I expect it to be a fairly nice room.

This was at best a 3* room. The bathroom was small, and the tiles on the floor cracked, the shower was designed in a way that the entire bathroom floor was soaked by the time you got done with your shower. The rooms on the 2nd floor smelled musty, our rooms on the 4th floor fared better in that aspect.

The rooms were large, but the furniture and bedding nothing special. However, the beds were VERY comfy. I do like that about Hiltons.
Internet was $5/day, which is cheap as other Hiltons I’ve stayed at charged $9.95 or more.

We had breakfast at La Maisonette, the one restaurant the hotel has, other meals we drove into Nyack to eat. Breakfast has 2 buffet options. The cold buffet, which seems to be a glorified continental breakfast for $9, the hot buffet which included eggs and bacon goodness that was $13.

Overall, if in the area again I would have to see if there is another hotel, because for the room rate it wasn’t worth it.

Cutest Hotel Ever -Pod Hotel – NYC
January 13, 2008, 8:34 pm
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I’ve never been compelled to review a hotel the minute I walked in the door, but the Pod Hotel did it for me.

Now, I tend to like the luxury hotels, and this certainly is not one. But it’s cute, boutiquey, has a great staff, and a total find!
I was looking for a cheap one night stay in NY, and stumbled across this place. It has bunkbeds (also, the cheapest room option) and I thought it would make for a fun stay with L. The room is tiny, as in I think my walk-in closet may be larger than this but, it is incredibly charming!The concept of a shared bath (they do have rooms with private baths, but not the bunk rooms) seemed a bit sketchy and weird, but as I was coming up the hall two bathrooms were being meticulously cleaned by the housekeeping crew. They bathroom may actually be larger than our room, but it’s clean, has one of those rain showerheads, music piped in and is not at all run down. The room has all the towels and toiletries and a sink. Picture an airplane bathroom sink.
They offer free wireless (yeay!), an ipod docking station/stereo, the rooms temperature control works well, and as I am using the air conditioning in January it really is individually controlled.
The lobby is large and very modern trendy, I shall go hang out there shortly.
So far the bed I am sitting on is comfy, with it’s own small tv screen.
This place gets an A+ rating from me.

Persian Food in NYC – Pars
May 7, 2007, 11:20 pm
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Pars Grill House and Bar is located on W. 26th between 7th & 8th in Chelsea

Food like my momma used to make! And at prices that keep my wallet happy. Went for dinner on a very cold Saturday night, and for a place that is a bit out of the way it was packed. This is always a good sign. My Kashke Bademjoon (and eggplant appetizer) was tasty as can be, my only regret is I didn’t finish it. The Mast-o-moosir was also the right balance of yogurty and spinachy.

The table next to us got the Shirazi salad (tomato and cucumber) which seemed a bit on the smallish side. The bread was warm and soft and fresh. Use it to dip into your appetizers.My test for all Persian restaurants is the Ghormeh Sabzi (a vegetable stew with lamb) and this one passed the test, they had enough fenugreek in it to give it the right flavor (some places skip out on this and you are basically eating a parsely spinach stew) and although the meat was a bit tough (Ghormeh sabzi is best the next day) it was still tasty enough to make me keep eating even though I was full. My companion had the kabab koobideh and it took everything in me to not reach across the table and eat a piece. It looked that tasty!

Go there, it’s much better than the overpriced persian uptown. The service was good, and didn’t take too long for a place that packed.

Geronimo’s New York
April 1, 2007, 10:19 pm
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I went here a week or so after opening, so I’m sure they have kinks to work out. We stopped in on Sunday for brunch. Lured in by not only the typical mimosas and champagne being included, but also bloody marys and MARGARITAS!!! The brunch menu was limited but basic, eggs benedict, cinnamon raisin french toast – which was delish, and had carmelized sugar on it, chicken wrap with chipotle mayo – gotta keep that Mexican influence in there. All items on the brunch menu included the booze and were $9.95. Not bad. Before the food arrived we were given a basket of warm tortilla chips with 2 kinds of salsa. Not bad, not bad.The only downside was the service, our waitress was a bit loopy and we pondered if she had been hitting the margs herself before work. But as the restaurant and staff get more comfortable in the neighborhood I can see it getting better.

Location: 1600 3rd Ave at 90thNew York, NY 10128